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Your small business requires a lot of time and involves some big decisions. Tax time is serious business, and FreeTaxQuote is your partner to make the tax filing process smooth, to put you in touch with the right resources to answer your questions, and to save you time.

As a business owner, you wear many different hats… sometimes, you wear them all at the same time. Your time is valuable, and FreeTaxQuote has the right combination of services to make tax filing for your business seamless.

Every deduction found. Every dollar you deserve.


Your tax records and business EIN information are uploaded to our secure servers and we apply two-step authentication for your account access to verify and protect your business and its credit profile.

Tax Tools

Whether your business operates as a Sole proprietorship, a Partnership or Corporate entity, or includes a Home-based or Non-Profit element, FreeTaxQuote provides the tax resources—and the tax pros—who help you find every credit, deduction, and advantage for your business.


You can rest assured that our tax professionals have a close eye on the tax details and figures for your business, and all of the collected tax data is verified prior to the business tax returns being finalized.

Professional Advice

At every step, you’ll have access to the “Ask the Tax Pro” button as we walk you through the FTQ filing process for your business. The option to chat with or speak to a tax professional is always available and just a click away.

Ready to Begin?

With your completed FTQ Profile, our verified tax preparers will follow up with your free tax quote within the next 24-72 hours.

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